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Steering Box


spannerwheel001wheel002Here is my tip on how to get down a stuck steering wheel when the usual methods fail. This will only work if the whole assembly has been removed from the tractor. You'll need at least one flat spanner to turn the locknut, provided it has been unclamped from the lower track already. The spanner I use is a 36mm, widened a bit.

Clean the spot in between the steering wheel and the locknut. This may take some time. When you're done, turn the whole steering assembly upside down and fill in tiny nuts all arround the shaft, just where you'd been taking out all the dirt. Fill in as many as you can and lay them side by side.

Turn the locknut further out while holding the wheel in place to build up a moderate clamping force against the wheel. Give the end of the shaft some WD40 and put on a domed nut other than the one that was previously installed, as it is likely to be damaged. Screw the nut down close to the wheel. Let the assembly hang free by setting down half the wheel on the edge of your workbench and supporting the other half with a wooden rod. Pull downwards on the steering column with one hand to increase the clamping force. Finally give the domed nut some decent strokes with a heavy hammer. Make sure to place some damping on the ground to prevent damage to the housing.


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