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Oil-Filter - Locating plateOil-Filter - Groove and circlipOil-Filter - Insides Oil-Filter - O-Ring

In the orginal version, the locating plate (star shaped metal plate) is held on the oil-filter mounting bolt by means of two punch marks. There is the danger that it loosens and slides forward towards the oil passage of the engine block, effectively covering the passage resulting in a blockade of the oil flow. To improve things, two grooves can be added to the mounting bolt, allowing for circlips to snap in there. Make sure to smooth out the old punchmarks and properly clean all parts after machining the bolt.

The black seal near the relief valve should be replaced anyway if you can get a new one. If that one doesn't fit tightly, a small amount of unfiltered oil will be allowed to bypass the filter and reach the bearings. Therefore the bolt should not show scratches or dents. The bolt should be tightened to 12-14Nm at a max. - regardless of the original strength of the screw.

The bolt is 11mm in diameter and the original spare part o-ring (K903054), that fits to the head of the screw, is way too small. I found the o-ring shown in the picture to be a perfict fit for that. You can obtain it from the company shown in the picture.

Pay attention to the correct alignment of the oil-filter to the engine-block while installing the bowl. This is really a problem. It must be in parallel. Dip the new filter in clean engine-oil, same thing applies to the afore-mentioned seals.

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