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This will be about replacing the gaskets and checking the axial play of the camshaft.
I will also give torque figures for the individual bolts.
Will add more info, as soon as I have finished my work on this.

timingbox gears 

Timing Box - Gears

timingbox tool 001 

Timing Box - Puller

 timingbox tool 002

Timing Box - Puller

 timingbox tool 003

Timing Box - Puller

timingbox tool 004 

Timing Box - Puller


The shaft came out with the locating pin in place.
I used the setup shown in the picture, both tapping from the inside of the crank-case
and pulling with a moderate force. Pulling with more force would have brought out the shaft as well,
but I wanted to be carefull not to bend or damage the flange of the shaft.

 timingbox locating pin

Timing Box - Locating Pin

timingbox shaft 

Timing Box - Shaft

 timingbox backplate

Timing Box - Backplate

timingbox thrustwashertimingbox thrustwasher wear

Timing Box - Thrust Washer - Wear

 timingbox cork gasket

Timing Box - Cork-Gasket

 timingbox camshaft gear torque

Timing Box - Camshaft Gear Torque

 timingbox all gears

Timing Box - Camshaft All Gears

 timingbox intermediate cover

Timing Box - Intermediate Cover

 timingbox crankshaft pulley torque

Timing Box - Crankshaft Pulley Torque

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